Ohio's Largest PC Gaming Community & LAN Party

Mission Statement

“NeXus LAN was formed to provide a gaming LAN for the purpose of meeting other gamers, having fun and for the betterment of the gaming community.” 

NeXus LAN promotes gaming within, but not limited to, Midwest Ohio. Established in 2008, by a group of gamers that met at local LANs, NeXus LAN hosts 15 seat LAN parties on a monthly basis and much larger 80+ seat LANs 2-3 times a year.

NeXus LAN originally partnered with Mound Street Academies Charter School. With this collaboration, NeXus LAN and Mound Street Academies provided a community service to furnish the charter school with a scholarship for students to continue with higher education. We have since outgrown the available space at Mound Street Acedemies and now host our large LAN at Huber Heights FOP 44. NeXus LAN also looks to further gaming relations by allying with other LAN groups for an even larger collaborated event.

That being said, NeXus LAN also promotes the fragging of opponents and friends alike and supports hurdling the fallen in order to achieve a goal.  NeXus LAN was designed also to provide a forum for disgruntled gamers to voice their frustrations with being the target of an onslaught of weapons fire.  The organization is dedicated to showing N00Bs the lessons of not having a fast trigger finger, stout feet and a steady aim.

~NeXus LAN Staff~