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NeXus LAN Event Details

NeXus LAN 9 (Previous Event)
November 19, 2011 8:00pm - November 21, 2011 12:00am
Pre-Pay Cost: $15.00
Cost at the Door: $20.00

FOP Lodge 44
4275 Powell Rd
Huber Heights, OH 45424
Click here for directions & local information

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NeXus LAN 9 Details -

Venue will be open over night with room to crash. This is a really nice venue, with pop machine, refrigerator that anyone can put things into, plenty of parking, nice area, plenty of food, stores, and lodging near by.

Cost - $15.00 per person thru Oct 31st includes 2 raffle tickets
$18.00 per person Nov 1 - Nov 14th includes 1 raffle ticket
$20.00 at the door includes 1 raffle ticket

Pre-reserve seating chart will be available soon!

Current Sponsors for NeXus LAN 9 - Intel, Systemax, Coolermaster, CPU Magazine, Ergotron, Bawls, In-Win, P3-Computers.

Please thank your sponsors on the forums and our facebook page.

Tournaments -

Modern Warfare 3 (Saturday)
Heroes of Newerth (Saturday)
Old School Quake 2 instagib (Sunday)
Saturday late night something different- Texas Hold'em Poker
Case Mod Contest

Exact times and rules will be posted closer to the event date.

Be sure to like NeXus LAN on facebook at www.facebook.com/nexuslan for up to the minute updates on NeXus LAN 9, Sponsors, Tournaments and more.

Tournament List and Information

Title/DescriptionPlatform/Game TypePlayers 
Starcrat II 1 vs 1 hosted on Systemax Gaming PC's
November 19, 2011 10:00pm
PC - Free For All13/16View Players
This tournament will be run round the clock until a winner is declaired. We will layout the brackets then people will pair up and play their matchs head to head on 2 really NICE PC's supplied by Systemax Gaming.

Single Elimination
Map - TBD

Once everyone in round one has played and reported their match results we will post round 2, 3 etc until a winner is declaired.

It will be each person's responsibilty to get their match played as soon as possible, keeping the units busy as much as possible. We also understand other tournaments will be running and fully expect people to play in them as well. So just play your matches as you have open time.
Heroes of Newerth
November 19, 2011 11:00pm
PC - Random Teams27/40View Players
Heroes of Newerth (commonly known as HoN) is a fantasy, action real-time strategy game.

Anyone can download and play this game for free.

There will be a wide variety of player skill levels, but if you have never played a DOTA type game we recommend you download it and practice in a few games before the tournament.

Download the game from heroesofnewerth.com


Single Elim
All Pick
Casual Mode
Modern Warfare 3
November 20, 2011 4:00am
PC - Random Teams26/60View Players
Please set your skill level based on you skill in games like MW2, Black Ops

Single Elim.

We will play 3 maps/modes per round in the following types/order. 1st team to win 2 maps is the winner. EG same team wins 2 in a row then no need to play 3rd round.

1 - Domination, Hardhat, 200 points, 20 min round.
2 - Team Defender, Village, 7500 points, 20 min round.
3 - Search & Destory, Bootleg, 4 points, 2.5 min rounds.

HC mode, health set to half instead of miniscule.

All items will be unlocked. Nothing will be turned off. Kill streaks are all on.

All of these settings were run thru a staff only MW3 minilan, testing the server and settings for most of an evening to make sure modes, maps, etc all work out well for a tournament setting.
Saturday Late Night Something Different - Texas Hold'em
November 20, 2011 8:30am
Other - Free For All17/18View Players
This will be a non-pc card tournament Saturday night following the midnight raffle.

3 tables 6 people each. Tables will merge down as people are eliminated.

Winners will be top 2 with highest chip count at 3am.

Each player will be given a stack of $1000.00 in chips to start out with. No buy in's. Blinds increase every 15 min.

Tournament will end after 2.5 hours of play. Planned time is 3am. At the end of the time limit person with the largest chip stack is the winner.

No money will be used. Poker chips will be issued to each person, and winners will receive tickets for the raffle.
League of Legends 5v5
November 20, 2011 8:30am
PC - Random Teams20/30View Players
Single elimination
Map - Summoners Rift - Summer
No Bans
All Pages and Runes allowed.
Victory - Opponents Nexus destoryed.
5v5 Max players 20

Teams will be randomly setup then posted on the projector as to which team plays which. Each team will them get together in game, play their matcm then report to tournament lead who won.

NOTE - The majority of players will be using leveled up accounts in this tournament.
PC Case Mod Contest
November 20, 2011 6:00pm
PC - Free For All5/80View Players
This is the PC Case Mod Contest.

Start time is the time that voting begins.

End time is when the winner is announced.

If you have not signed up your case by 10am Sunday morning then you will not be put into the vote.

Voting will be done online via the NeXus LAN forums.
Old Skool - Quake 2 Instagib
November 20, 2011 8:00pm
PC - Free For All26/64View Players
# per match to be decided day of event.

Each match top 2 will come out to advance to final round.

Top 2 in final round are winners.

Each round will be timed rounds of 10 minutes, with the final round being 15 minutes. No frag limit.